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Revence 27
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I've Changed The Site's Face — Again

You remember I once changed the look of the this site drastically. And I apologised, saying I had to do it, in interest of my professional image.
Well, as it turns out, my proffesional image took a hit. The site was deemed "too drab and uninteresting" by most who saw it. I thought the "fun" stuff should be sought out at ... Flickr? I mean, this isn't a gallery. But, since it's what my potential contractors want, I will spice it up a little. But I won't put a billion images, flash widgets, applets, et cet'ra, because I know you have a better use for your bandwidth than to see a "Click Here" image.
That was my philosophy, all along. To save bandwidth on both sides of the connection. I encourage this for all my clients, closing off with "image is nothing, you know". Apparently, I am wrong. At least to some people. And since the brutal laws of Capitalism insist that the customer is king, my head is bloodied ... and bowed.
Of course, all this will be no more when Kim Jong-il, our Dear Leader, rolls into town, and (finally) all mans are equal!

We'll Do That for You

DoubleTech, Inc., the company where I work (as the Chief Software Architect, Web Designer, Programmer, ...), will do that for you. Anything. Just about anything:
Emergency System Administration (Windows, Linux, and other Unixes). Custom-made programs in Java, C/C++, Visual BASIC, Perl, Python. Web application development (ASP, JSP, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, VBScript, ADO, T-SQL, CDO). Database Design (MS Access, MS SQL Server 2000+, OpenOffice Base). And many other little-but-important things.
As I type, our latest project is, a minimalist debating center.

My Guestbook Provider Is ... <CENSORED>

The guys at GBook.Net have probably terminated my guestbook account. It no longer loads. So, if you want to sign my guestbook, I hope it works when you get there. Sign it.